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Otronicon: 10 Days of Gaming at the Orlando Science Center!!!

During the time between Friday, January 20th and Sunday, January 29th is a 10 day gaming convention known as Otronicon. Events include Dance Dance Revolution on 8 foot video screens, the longest running LAN of 48 consecutive hours, tournaments featuring popular videogames like Halo 2, demonstrations from Orlando's simulation industry, workshops from Full Sail and a Digital Arist Alley.

Otronicon will be held at the Orlando Science Center in Orlando's histroical district and all for floors of the center will be used for the convention. It's is $15 a day to attend of you can purchase a 10-day pass for $50. Volunteers are also needed and a nice way to get in for free.

Otronicon is sponsored by the Orlando Science Center, Full Sail Real World Education and EB games. Hope to see you there!
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